At Studio imre we bring your dreams to life by thinking out loud, 'storytelling' and sketching, we make your dreams tangible. When we've visualized your dream 'if you wish' we realize your dream to a real hands-on product or service.



'Is known for it's fast and intuitive design process'.

We explore the world and the fascinating facets of  Activations, Events, Interior and Design, always looking to interact with and support our customers to imagine, reimagine and realize the product, style, event or service to fit their needs.



What characterizes our creative attraction is a cross-disciplinary approach, which results in a hybrid functional and aesthetic vision.

We are always willing to transform and evolve products, services, Interior concepts, graphic design into something fresh new and innovative.

Product Design

We are a hyper-creative design studio, charged with enthusiasm, and a ‘BLUE SKY’ limitless possibility mindset.

Yet we keep in mind all aspects needed to create products and services that are realistic to produce and or rolled out according to the wishes of our clients.


To keep up to date on our latest endeavors and news

Phone: +31 (0) 6 144 86 050

Address: Spangesekade 163,

3026 GW  Rotterdam


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