Studio IMRE

Based in the always inspireing Dutch city of Rotterdam.

Studio IMRE was founded in 2008 by Imre Verhoeven, former Designer at SPARK Design, Senior Designer at GB international and Design lead at REGGS.

He and his collective of award-winning, diversely talented design professionals are continuously looking for opportunities to create new Brands, Products and Services or help reinvent existing ones.

Curious? ...What are you waiting for!?

Let’s see what we can do together!


A flexible open-minded, no-nonsense, multidisciplinary team of creative thinkers, designers, and engineers that can adapt effortlessly working with multinationals or with start-ups.

Phone: +31 (0) 6 144 86 050

Address: Spangesekade 163,

3026 GW  Rotterdam

Email: info@studioimre.com

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