Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements with a lot of our clients, we can only show a small part of our portfolio. For a more explicit insight contact us so we can show you our perspective on the world.

Product Design

Here is a glimps of the diversity of work and assignments we are greatfull to work on.

We use our hyper-creative minds, to fulfill our clients' wishes

keeping in mind all aspects needed to create products and services that are realistic to produce and or rolled out.


It's a thin line between liking and loving

your product or service.

What characterizes our creative attraction is a cross-disciplinary approach, which results in a hybrid functional and aesthetic vision.

We are often involved in transform and evolve products, services, Interior concepts, graphic design into something fresh new and innovative.

With stories, Imaging, presentations, and experiences we will energize, inspire and show you possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.


We are grateful for clients that vary from design agencies, multinationals to startups.

For whom we create; fashion apparel, games, jewelry, professional cameras, climate control domotica, consumer electronics, packaging, industrial-medical, and even ergonomic consumer products for the visually impaired. 

Phone: +31 (0) 6 144 86 050

Address: Spangesekade 163,

3026 GW  Rotterdam

Email: info@studioimre.com

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